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Originally Posted by Sam ***ton View Post
You do realise how hard it would be to consume 10,000 calories following them rules don't you? Even if you were trying pretty damn hard you'd still only hit around 3000.

I'm not saying it's hard to work out the amount of calories you need to be eating I just can't see the point unless you're either a high level athlete or you're stalling on your current plan. If you want to gain weight and you're not putting the pounds on, eat more. If you want to lose weight but your body weight isn't shifting, eat less. It's as simple as you make it.

Plus the fact that although calories can give you a rough, they're pretty much bull****. The way the figure out how many calories are in food is close to re****ed.
uh, consuming 3000 calories of good whole food is NOT hard. not in the least bit.
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