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Originally Posted by death View Post
that is the definition of a good food, nutrient rich. if you eat 5000 cals of sugar vs 5000 cals of protein, carbs, and fat, sure there the same cals but how long do you think your going to live off a pure sugar diet?
That's not what he's saying, I don't think. If I've interpreted his post correctly, he is saying that it requires context. You can consume a diet of only "good" foods by your definition of nutrient rich and still have a **** diet relative to your goals.

I think the latter part of his post needs clarification though, not all calories are equal. From a pure energy standpoint, they are, as it's just a unit of energy - however 800kcal from protein isn't going to play the same role in the body as 900kcal of fat, again though - I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that is what he meant.
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