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Default Drills to get me started

Hey everybody..First of all I wanna say I love being on this forum and reading all of the great advice you fighters have to offer..My situation is I am going to start training within the next 3 months at a local gym, one of the coaches use to be a golden glove and fought Pernell Whitaker at the Vegas golden glove championship years ago..I am taking the 3 months befor I start so I can get back into shape, I use to be in really great shape cardio thru the roof, lifted weights etc and fell off when I started working and going thru everyday life after school. I have been on a heavybag for around 5 years, so I know I have picked up some bad habits I am sure but all in all for someone who has never trained I am told I have talent just need to be trained..I have decent footwork but as I said I am sure I have bad habits..I need some drills, and techniques to use while on the bag and shadowboxing to work on my footwork a lot since it is foundation..Ive hurd of using a tapeline and such but I want as much technique as possible..So there it is if any of you guys can school me some Id appreciate it a ton..I will upload videos sumtime next week but I need this, I am going to be aiming for amateur boxing as soon as I get enuff training in..
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