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Originally Posted by Arkanscott View Post
Look at the "sticky's" at the top of the forum. There is lots of good advice on there. I would also recommend that you start training now...don't wait 3 it now. Here is the thing. If you wait until you "get in shape", who is to say that you'll actually get in happens. What if your classes (you say you're in school) get to much...what if your work gets to much...what if you go out drinking with your buddies and are too hung over to workout. I'll tell you what will happen, you'll keep pushing your start date back, and back and back...and then you won't do it. So, my advice to you is to get in the gym NOW.

I understand that you don't want to walk in and embarrass yourself, but understand that almost everybody walked into the first day at the gym out-of-shape. It's just part of it.

If you go in now and are honest with the coaches, "hey, I'm out of shape", they will ease you in slow. Generally speaking, coaches won't let you spar until you're ready (although some will throw you in the lions den just to see what you have)...if the coach is of the latter, just be honest and tell him you aren't ready yet.

The main reason start training now is that the whole thing snow***** workout at the gym, don't like gassing on the mitts when there is still time on the clock so you decide to do roadwork. You aren't as crisp in sparring so you decide to eat better, etc.

The point...START NOW. TODAY.
I understand wat your saying..I plan on stopping by there this week, so I will talk with the trainers on price and such..I am serious about starting though, I know many people start and quit, but thats just not how I operate to say the least ..I am even focusing on getting my job to let me work evening shift or days instead of nights so I can be fresh when I go in to train..Money is a little tight right now too because the industry I work in and the economy. But for now I would like to work on some things befor I get my schedule changed etc..I know now is when it should be but you have to understand my job and the work I do to understand what I am saying in means of time..
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