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Default level Of Fitness Before Joining A Gym?

Hi Guys/gals,

I have let myself get totally out of shape for the good past few years, had quite a few traumatic things happen, ended up drinking and smoking and really just a path of self destruction to drown it all into oblivion.

Obviously this couldn't continue as I'm getting older in life and have managed to get off this train to nowhere. I've always been interested in boxing, mainly watching and some stuff my father put me through when I was kid. So I've decide why not let one of my passions also be my motivator.

I've given up smoking and drinking, but am still extremely out of shape. I'm currently running every second day, couple of minutes then rest and continue this for half an hour now. I also started some shadow boxing and skipping, this was going well till I started to strain and bruise something in my right elbow. I believe this is down to poor form and throwing to hard whilst hitting thin air?

I realise without proper tuition I'll probably end doing my self more harm than good, this is where joining a gym and proper training will serve me well I imagine. I however don't want to go to a gym and waste a coaches time due to my fitness, his time would be far more valuable spent with youngsters and on other potential.

I imagine there are others who where once in my shoes, possibly not my age and level of fitness of course, but would appreciate any input as to what level my fitness should be close too, before wasting others time.

I should mention I haven't always been out of shape, in my teens and early twenties I was quite fit, I'm not sure how this would translate though many years later. Just now it appears irrelevant as I'm struggling to run past half a mile without almost collapsing.

If anyone has a couple of spare minutes with nothing on and could give a reply, much appreciated.
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