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Default Re: 1994 - Moorer and Lewis swap opponents.

MM was always going to be walking a tightrope as a heavy. Especially as he continued to put on a few pounds. That guy goes up a few pounds and it shows in his legs and mobility. He'd have a tough time with a guy like McCall because he cannot back the guy up. He'd hurt his hands more than damage Oliver. and he very well could get ko'd late in that one as well. I just think him being a southpaw and extremely accurate are what bailed him out even when fighting the Schulz/Botha types. And along w/ Oliver, that is pretty much his level.

George was not going to take on Lewis. Ever. Too big and quick for that version of Foreman. At best maybe a very remote shot at Bowe because he was hittable but that's a very tough night's work. Much much easier to take on Schulz and that caliber opponent.

So what we had back then was tougher than expected challenges and surprise results sometimes, but not a whole lot of premier vs premier marquee matchups. It tended to be marquee vs. beatable B grade guy and I guess I'm putting MM in that class of B grade guy along w/ McCall.
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