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Default Re: Sandy Saddler vs Ike Williams @130lbs?

Originally Posted by MrBumboclart View Post
Super-featherweight showdown

15 rounds
B, Ike williams was a LIGHTWEIGHT from the gitgo....I remember those times very well, saw both Ike and Sandy, and Sandy Saddler NEVER hinted at a match with Ike Williams, whe Saddler fought some lightweights...Same with Willie Pep...Ike at LW would have cut the straight up Saddler to ribbons at 134-5 pounds...LW Beau Jack would have chased the weaker Saddler out of the ring at 135 pounds also...Yes Willie Pep beat the master LW boxer Willie Joyce, but Willie would never challenged Ike Williams, though that bout would have made Pep a fortune...Ike was too big and hit too hard for Saddler or Pep ...
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