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Default Re: level Of Fitness Before Joining A Gym?

Originally Posted by Hammer Muldoon View Post
Honestly mate, don't get fit to go to the gym, get fit by going to the gym. I went to my local amateur gym for the first time just a few weeks ago and i wish i'd gone sooner. Don't worry about your lack of fitness and experience, everyone has to start somewhere.
Exactly what this guy said.

To the starter of this thread, I really commend your desire to get in shape on your own first, that takes guts, but find a gym as soon as possible. There's no other motivation like a trainer yelling at you for 3 hours, and if you can't keep up, most will understand, as long as you're trying your hardest. You'll be sore the next day, but stay persistent and your hard work will bear fruit with the improvement you'll see on a weekly basis.

This is my greatest advice to always get you to the gym.

If you feel like boxing. Box. If you feel like doing other things in your life. Too bad, GO BOX. And especially when you don't want to box, your 1# one choice as mandated by me is to BOX! I don't care if you never have an amateur fight in your life, punch that 300lb heavy bag like you're going to tear it in two every single time! When you're doing roadwork and you're exhausted, no matter how slow you have to go. never stop jogging until you've reached the destination. Eat and sleep like a bear. Keep this up for a year, and you will be a new man.
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