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Also, in regards to consuming a bulk of your carbs post-workout, this is likely going to be detrimental to a lot of athletes, it's certainly the case for me. If it's due to that fact that you don't respond well to having a high carbohydrate meal prior to a workout, then that's fine. However, to do so because you're trying to manipulate endogenous hormone secretion is a pointless effort.

Insulin has developed into some feared hormone recently and is one of the reasons that people **** themselves over carbohydrate intake (another is the belief that de-novo lipogenesis is actually common in humans). Insulin isn't something to worry about (if you're a healthy individual, with a healthy insulin response). The reason people worry so much about insulin is based on the logic of:

High carb intake = Increased insulin secretion = Increased lipogenesis = Increased body fat storage

May seem logical, however; lipogenesis is only going to exceed lipolysis when you're in a post-prandial state. During extended periods of not eating, lipolysis is going to exceed lipogenesis. So, just like most things relating to diet, it's over-thought and often leads to a lot of unnecessary mental masterbation over the minutiae, as this is just another case of needing to look at the bigger picture. Over a 24 hour period, insulin levels are going to balance out and providing you are in a caloric defecit, lipolysis is going to exceed lipogenesis.


Don't worry about insulin if you're healthy
Eat a caloric defecit if you want to lose weight
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