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Default Re: level Of Fitness Before Joining A Gym?

Hi All,

Thanks for the replies. Some real inspirational comments.

I've got an appointment at a regular fitness & weights gym shortly, it's one of them package deals where they first assess you. This was given as an early present by a close family member to keep me motivated.

I would rather have had a membership to a local boxing club, but have kept this to myself just now, as I was badly hurt last year, this took nearly half a year to recover from, and I know my immediate family would be worried I could end up with similar injuries.

The thing they don't understand is what happened crushed my everyday confidence, and whilst I would be taken some sort of punishment eventually at the boxing. I can only see this training helping me restore some confidence and getting me back to a decent level of health & fitness again.

Thanks again for the comments, I'm going to start scoping out local boxing gyms in my area and sign up.
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