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Default Re: More Skilled: Jose Napoles or Sugar Ray Leonard ??

Originally Posted by timmers612 View Post
I'm one of the few who wasn't overly impressed with Jose. I though he largely ignored developing a good jab due to his skills at counterpunching, and while he hit hard with both hands I thought for all he had that he wasn't a complete combination puncher. Stamina, hard hitter, unique slipping and his own footwork, but I would favor Benitez, Luis Rodrigues at his best, and maybe a smaller Pryor over him.
I thought combination punching was one of his better assets, perhaps not at the end of his career though. He would counter opponents with pin-point accurate combinations which is always a difficult feat to pull off. His jab was always there to make his opponents think as he made his way closer and against pressure fighters of similar size it served its purpose to keep them at bay.

Leonard was more talented but Napoles was more skilled in my estimation. He was not a young, superbly talented 5'10 welterweight with explosive speed, yet he did rather well at 147.

A video I made of him:


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