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Default Re: James toney: The best I've faced

Jones displayed his awesome in-fighting skill by putting up his gloves and laying against the ropes. His great feinting ability led to Montell Griffin literally laughing at his half-hearted attempts while the 5'7 terror of light heavyweights kept frustrating Jones who was bent on trying to outbox him (until realizing that he could literally just walk through Griffin with his physical advantages).

He was smart about utilizing his exceptional abilities which were without a doubt the result of rigorous training as well as talent, but if it's up to technical skill in all areas, McCallum has it over him. Reasons have already been explained for the most part.

Jones grew too fond of breaking all the rules only because he could, and as a result cannot truly be mentioned among the great technicians. He's still trying to fight as if he was 25 years old, which displays that the technical skills which were supposed to be there behind all his speed and flash, weren't necessarily there after all or he completely forgot about them.
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