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Default Re: Oscar De La Hoya "The best I fought"

Originally Posted by DaveK View Post
Yeah Tito didn't land many meaningful shots on Oscar.

I was fully expecting Quartey as hardest puncher. I'll never forget the post fight interview when he was asked about a rematch, etc. and Oscar immediately and indirectly declined. He started joking and making light of it by saying basically he had bigger fish to fry...

His eyes got so big when he said "Quartey is a hard puncher"... You could tell Oscar had been blasted and he didn't like it. It left a big impression.

Quartey bucked him. I do believe Gatti hit plenty hard too. That says alot that he said Gatti and not Quartey.
Just because your knees give a bit when hit doesn't mean the shot was necessarily a damaging one in terms of pain. I've been buckled by guys, and thhit in the face by others and the hits in the face hurt more than the shot that buckled me.

Every shot has different effects pain-wise.
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