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Default Re: James toney: The best I've faced

Originally Posted by TheGreatA View Post
He didn't look too skilled on the inside to me. Sosa was about the crudest brawler you could get and Roy was hardly pulling a Toney-Barkley performance in close there, he was actually taking a few hits while unnecessarily positioned against the ropes and landed his best punches once he created space.

McCallum didn't have the option of doubling or tripling up on a left uppercut while still being able to move away from the opponent's punches. He relied on positioning, gaining proper leverage on the inside, subtle footwork that allowed him to work different angles seemingly effortlessly and accurate placement of punching, techniques that he was still able to pull off well into his 30's.

.Funny how you talk about Sosa being crude then bring up Barkley.Toney was getting hit in the Barkley fight. Roy was fighting off the ropes well. Spoiling Sosa's right hand and flurrying out. He picked his spots well and smothered Sosa's punches. Fought his fight and was clearly winning with little damage.

Roy was shading away from the left hook on the ropes while he held Sosa's right. His position was just fine. His feet were excellent. He was able to spin off the ropes while still in position to punch.
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