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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
Hey Yaca take it easy mate. Both Pira and I are talking in an MT context. I agree under K1 kickboxing Petro would probabaly have taken it, but nder FMT JWP takes it. You know me I'm not a huge Petro fan but admit in the Kickboxing world he's the man to beat and a great fighter to watch. I just like stirring a little when it comes to Petro cos of the Buakaw robbery, I'll never forgive that!

Rememberunder MT rules Petro lost pretty convincingly to Buakaw (robbery) and the thing with Buakaw as you know well Yaca is he isn't nd never has been the best Thai at his weight. Ebven though I'm a massive Buakaw fan and I rate him as an ATG he never won either a Raja or Lumpinee stadium title.

In response to "the clinch isnt the only factor in muaythai" I agree, but it dramatically changes the style and way you approach your fight if you are used to fighting without it. It changes the game totally. As you say hs's more suited to KB than MT, but it seems strange to me that as he apparently came form an MT background and is such a big dog internationally why he never fights in Thailand anymore since he got beat. It puzzles me... I find it way to wierd. Cos to be fully respected you gotta take it to the Thais. Let's face it Kickboxing these days is just MT styled techniques just without the clinch, elbows etc.

And in answer to the last point about being scared. Now I've seen this many times, no matter how good or how famous some guys just have a mental barrier of fighting a Thai FTR and everything that brings with it. Of course Perto ain't scared of fighting guys, he's a vetran fighter, but alot of guys have this apprehension when it comes to the Thais reputation especially when fighting in Thailand, it can get to some guys mental and cause them problems. Maybe this is the case with Petro who knows?

And remember FTR in Europe isn't really full Thai rules at all. What I mean by that is your face can be cut to shreds by elbows in Thailand and the fight will still go on, you can lose your gumshield and the fight will go on till the end of the round, the meat market feel of the scene and of the oiling room pre the fight, the lack of recognition and the firece competiton, the doubt whehter the ringside doctor is any good or even if there is one! etc etc etc these are all little things that add up to real full Thai rules that can really get into a and take hold of a fighters head.

Just ignore me when it comes to Petro Yaca, you know what I'm like!
I would love to know how Petrosyan lost his fight against Buakaws former gym mate Nonthanan Por. Pramuk. I imagine it was in the clinch or was beaten in kicking exchanges. Or both. their is a posibility that it was a bad decision. but for me I think Petro is just not as suited for the thai stadiums as he is for the japanesee and european kickboxing circuit. Relized that and made the switch.

I guess I feel like Petro doesnt get appreciated like he used to on this forum. So I thought I should come to his defence a little bit. I also think Buakaw should have won against petrosyan when the two faced eachother in 2007 it was close but clear. In thailand it would have been even more clear, but even under kickboxing rules Buakaw should have won it. Besides that fight though Petro has been untouchable maybe people want to see him tested again...

Congratulations on the baby Boran, and welcome back!
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