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Default Re: Muay Thai: Technique Talk

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
For me Rev, not really. His stance is not square enough, it lacks the speed and power you can generate in a lead leg teep. It’s just too slow for a lead leg especially if you consider it form a traditional squarer MT stance. He’d have to turn some before he threw it. Not saying it wouldn’t land sometimes, but what’s its purpose? Once it’s landed it’s still putting your feet in a bad position to be countered by a juicy low round kick.
Welcome back!

I've been missing you.

I've always heard that the sidekick is the most powerful kick, because it involves both the glut and the quad muscles. Are you saying the teep is more powerful? If so, how is it? This is not a loaded question as I have no feedback if you have a good reason.

I was under the assumption that the sidekick was more powerful than the teep, and wondered how much more damage could be done to an opponent's body by using the sidekick.

How do you properly defend the sidekick, or any kick headed straight for the abdomen for that matter? Do you simply side step it, or is there more ways?

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