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Default Re: Why do you believe Mike Tyson completely dodged Bowe and Foreman?

Originally Posted by hookfromhell View Post
Cus D'Amato told Tyson that Foreman woud beat
all of the swarming heavyweights just as he had
beat Frazier, this was of course before Foreman's
second career. However, Tyson was much more
Dynamic and versatile than most if not all
of the swarming type of fighter. Anyway
Ive heard that Foreman refused to sign
a contract offered by Don King several
times. Foreman said on Letterman that he
Was more afraid of King than Tyson, Foreman
also stated Mike would avoid him in public.
However, I seriously doubt Mike had any
fear of anyone in the ring, especially
an older slower Foreman. As for Bowe,
Ive heard they wouldnt fight each other
becuase they were from the same neighborhood
in Brooklyn. Peak or Prime Bowe is one of
a few who would have a shot against prime
Mike. They were both fearless and had no
love in the ring. Tyson vs Bowe and Foreman
Could have been great.

Foreman did want him bad..he made that very clear
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