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Default Re: Why do you believe Mike Tyson completely dodged Bowe and Foreman?

Originally Posted by TheSouthpaw View Post
Rumor has it from stories of back when Tyson, Foreman, Holyfield, Bowe and Ruddock were all top contenders (A few of them HW champ including Goerge)..That Tyson paid money to the WBC and WBA to not fight Foreman......Do you really believe Tyson was scared of Foreman???
No way! Mike Tyson was not scared of George Foreman. There was no reason for Tyson to fight Foreman at anytime between 1987-1990. From '87 up to the Douglas fight, Tyson steamrolled through the heavyweight division. Foreman wasn't even ranked during this time, and he had not beaten any top 10 (or top 20) fighters. Foreman was broke and was going after the most lucrative fight on the horizon: a fight with heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.
Foreman knew he couldn't beat Tyson, but he was willing to get his butt kicked for several million dollars.
After Tyson lost to Douglas, his main goal was to regain the heavyweight championship. Fighting George Foreman would not have helped Tyson to position himself for a title shot. Instead, Tyson fought the division's number 2 contender in Razor Ruddock, a guy much more dangerous than lumbering slow George Foreman. Heck, Foreman wanted no part of Ruddock; either did Rid**** Bowe or comebacking Larry Holmes. But Tyson fought him -- twice!
Then Tyson went to prison.

So, how the heck could Tyson be accused of ducking or being afraid of George Foreman? There was no reason for Tyson to fight him. George was just trading off his reputation as a menacing former heavyweight champ; he was sounding the bells and banging the drums in order to get a big money fight against Tyson. Foreman needed Tyson for the big payday, at least until Holyfield came along!

Tyson would have brutalized George Foreman in the late-80s and early 90s.
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