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Default Re: 1st Time Sparring vs. 1st Time Competing

Originally Posted by Antsu View Post
Fight is totaly different. In my first fight I just forgoted everything and brawled **** out of my opponent
Think this is pretty standard. One of the really experienced lads said to me af ew days before my fight. Don't be too overly concerned with your first fight its mostly about who dogs it out because most people forget everything and just start swinging.

The first time I sparred I was 14/15 and I remember it not being that nerve racking at all because it was against smaller people and my mate. I remember sparring these bigger ald one time and being really nervous but then realised he tried to parry shots with both hands so all I had to do was feint and then he was wide open for any shot I wanted.

I think the more you spar the less nervous youd be until a certain point because eventually your going to be as ready as your going to be for the different emotions. Although everyones different. I was really nervous for the week before my fight but on the day I was pretty chilled I'm the same way with exams when I know that nothing I can do now is going to help I tend not to get too stressed and just get down to business. Did get a bit nervous as I had to walk through the guy I was fighting mates on the way to the ring and it was a big uni vs uni event and people were going pretty mental.
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