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Default Re: Muay Thai: Technique Talk

Yes welcome back bk!

That's interesing about the lack of combination drilling in Thailand, in boxing over here it's the opposite. If you are throwing hard single strikes you'll get told to focus more on fast combinations, I guess that's just because the sports are very different.

I don't train Muay Thai or Kickboxing and doubt I ever will do so(I might visit Thailand someday in a few years and train a bit when I'm there) but I really enjoy watching it and reading about it. One thing I was wondering when you talked about how Faran's are almost 'robotic' in nature and how single hard strikes are prefered to combinations is the setting up of strikes. In boxing of course you set up your combinations with a jab etc. You are always thinking ahead of your opponent but you say that in Muay Thai a single hard strike at the perfect time is better. So does this mean that Thai fighters don't set up there strikes and just react to their opponent or do they set up strikes in another way?
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