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Default Re: VHB-PROMOTIONS : New Finnish Pro Boxing Team!

To be perfectly honest, there ISNīT any serious boxing scene in Finland.

Just a few semi-promoters trying to arrange something every now and then.

There isnīt a SINGLE fighter who could honestly rely on getting fights on regular basis. I donīt count Helenius, because he only fights in Finland if his German promoter agrees to it.

The ones who are holding some continentally interesting belt (EBU, EU) are the only ones to have a guaranteed fight - they will get to have their mandatory defense in the foreign soil, IF nothing else.

But outside that - itīs a wild goose chase. The only serious promoter in Finland, P3 Boxing, will probably just focus on financing their business instead of trying to proceed the career of some fighters, who donīt sell serious amount of tickets anywhere.

As you see, Iīm well aware of whatīs really going on - thatīs what makes trolling worthwhile. Any re**** could write here something along these lines: "ROSBERG WILL DESTROY HOLYFIELD!", but knowing the reality is the true basis of good trolling. Ugh!
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