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Default Re: 1994 - Moorer and Lewis swap opponents.

Originally Posted by Stevie G View Post
McCall was a beast on the night he beat Lewis. Ollie was n't an all time great,but I see him beating Moorer.
I dont know about a beast, it was perhaps the strangest punch Ive ever seen to win a title. Mcall threw that shot with his eyes closed. I think Steward gave him really good advice and told him that Lewis really telegraphed his right hand so when Lewis started to wind up his righthand he told Mcall that was the cue to throw his counter right down the middle. It was a great win for Mcall, but he never really showed any kind of savvy counterpunching again. He was pretty dreadful against an ancient Holmes and even worse against Bruno who had nothing left in the last three or four rounds.Mcall just wasnt that great of a technician, but he was big and strong and had one of the all time great chins.
I saw Mcall spar with Shaquille Oneill when Oneill was training for that celebrity boxing and Oneill was hitting Mcall so cleanly I couldnt believe it.
I think Moorer would have fought Mcall with more respect and I dont think Mcall hit hard enough to put Moorer down for the count, definitely he could put him down, but I dont think he could knock him out and thats the only way I see him beating Moorer.
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