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Default Re: The what MMA Fights did you watch today/scorecard Thread

Originally Posted by Vic-JofreBRASIL View Post
Rampage vs Lyoto Machida

Round 1

What a close round !
Gave it to Rampage because I thought he landed the best punch of the round with a right uppercut while they were going out of the clinch.....

10-9 Rampage

Round 2

Two Knees to the body by LM during the round...and a great punch in the last seconds...
Jackson got a good TD.......That was it, basically.....
10-9 Machida

Round 3

Great combination by LM, finishing with some knees...pretty good......
Machida on top in the ground......half guard.....
In the Mount a bit seconds later !
Rampage defended a good armbar attempt by LM...
Clear 10-9 Lyoto

29-28 Lyoto IMO
Interesting techks, look at my scorecard above.

Originally Posted by techks View Post
Saw Jackson/Machida for the first time and it could've gone to either man depending how you scored the first.

Rd 1: Machida(close)- Machida has more activity via kicks but Jackson's blows were more impactful. You'll have an inner battle between damage and activity but I thought Machida was a tad more effective

Rd 2: Rampage(clear)- Thought he hurt Machida more and was able to do his best work inside with a few uppercuts. His blows were clearly more meaningful and he did more to win the rd. Knees to the body were his bread and butter and he was able to press Machida against the cage more thus commanding the standing grapples.

Rd 3: Machida(clear)- Not much happened early as they were still trying to figure out which range they should attack at. Rampage missing with wild hooks and as usual abandons kicks. Machida explodes and does the better work in a flurry and not too soon after is able to take him down to be in the dominate positions on the ground.

Wish the fight was longer as I was let down expecting it to go 5 rds but forgot 5 rds had 3 mins. Love both fighters and wish they're able to finish their careers on a high note. Fun fight imo and I still may get the dvd. Was worth watching to me as I'm a supporter of both.
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