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Default Re: guys who USE the shoulder roll

after some experimenting, im back with some details
this is the move i was doing and getting clobbered for-
continously bending to the right, is very predictable and you will get clobbered at the back of the head. im starting to thing where they this dangerous move originated from as i dont see any old timers do this excessively.

i wouldnt even call it a proper shoulder roll, its what mike mccallum does the best but if you dont roll after bending to the right, or counter with it quick, YOU CAN get knocked out bad! as the punch will land hard on the side or back of the head.

there are certain times where bending to the right is fine but not all the time imo.
i think one should use their right glove and left elbow as a extra shield when bending to the right. david tua and evander holyfield do this well.

i was watching old time fighters who i would say are complete fighters and mix up their defenses like sam langford and charley burley. i noticed when they would use the shoulder roll, they would do it from an upright position and use their gloves, shoulders and elbows to block rather than simply bending to the right as you are still vulnerable- see video above.


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