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Default Couple of Questions

I've been wanting to go back to a boxing gym to lose some weight and get back some fitness. From 16 up until about 19 I trained and sparred at a decent gym. I got into it and was close to going amateur though with University upcoming I panicked and decided not to continue my training.

I'm now 21, with a better handle on things, though through socializing, working 9 to 5 last year and what have you, I have put on weight, so today I went to a local "cross-combat gym". It does boxing as well as wrestling and other things, so thought I'd give it a try.

It ended up being a mat, barefoot, no padwork or bagwork. We warmed up and then we were paired up for light sparring, working certain combinations before turning the heat up towards the end. Some people did not wear headgear, gumshields, hand-wraps and the glove quality was dire. Basically an hour of sparring one to one.

I have always been able to take a punch, but going up against several beginners one after the other, in what was pretty much an open space, I feel like I didn't do myself justice. I was happy to take a few early on (stupid I know), simply because I knew the guys I was up against were newbies, but then two of them in particular just started to take a few liberties.

I don't know if it was the **** organization (I felt like this barely qualified for a boxing gym), the lack of a genuine ring and adequate safety (headgear, gumshields etc) or just the fact I'm slightly older and never really had much head movement anyway, but basically, do you guys have any opinions on my shoddy performance from the above?

Should I go to another gym? Give up the ghost altogether? I love the sport but felt a bit let down by my experience at this gym today. Any questions or opinions are welcome.

Apologies for the essay, cheers.
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