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Default Re: Muay Thai: Technique Talk

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
In the west train most MT guys train in combos on the pads similar to their traditional boxing brothers and they like to put elbows in the combo. Truth is youíll almost never land an elbow form a drilled combo as I said above it just never seems to work that way, the mechanics of an MT fight donít allow it. In Thailand they donít really drill you on combos, infact I remember when I first started training in BKK I was discouraged from working combos on the bag and never really drilled combos on the pads. It was all about one strike power at the right target at the right time. It was hard to get used to, but it did make me a more natural fighter, less by the numbers and more strike intuitive and effective and less open to counter attacks. Thatís why I think Thai fighters when fighting can read a fight so much better than their farang brothers who on occasion seem to throw certain techniques or combos for the sake of it cos thatís how theyíve been taught to fight, not necessarily picking the right weapon for the right target at the right time, almost robotic in nature and easy to read.
Western Boxing combinations are based on capitalizing on anticipated reactions. The one-two(jab-cross) followed by a hook to the body is designed to bring the hands up and take advantage of the exposed ribs. Hooking off the jab is done when the defender parries the jab, and leaves the side of the head open for the hook. Mike Tyson's combo, the right hook to the body followed by the right uppercut to the head, was designed to have the opponent leaving the chin open while reacting to the body shot.

There is a problem with how they are drilled, as you mentioned in your post. Many start throwing the combination while ignoring the design. There is no reason to hook off the jab if the opponent doesn't move the hand and leave an opening. There is no reason to hook to the body after a one-two if both head shots land, and the opponent doesn't lift the arms and give the opening. It's time to keep firing straight shots. Yet, you often see fighters fire off combinations regardless of their opponent's reactions.

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
Check this great clip of a punch of MT elbow KOs. Notice, no combos, look @ distance and almost all very opportunistic strikes dictated by a split second situation. I love the last one!
That last one showed me the danger of throwing uppercuts when elbows are involved.
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