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Default Re: Here goes some original Jeet Kune Do for anybody

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
Patented? No, they're not. However, they are stressed. What is the primary attack in JKD? A sidekick to the opponent's lead leg. Why? Because it is the closest target. What's the 2nd? Finger jab to the eye.

By themselves, maybe not. Throw in the fact that sugarngold is an experienced bjj practitioner, and the brief agony may be the difference in him securing a fight ending submission.

Filthy animal? Spiteful *****? You are acting like this is a sporting contest. sugarngold is all about self defense. He doesn't go out and pick fights with people. That would be acting like a "filthy animal." These rough tactics would be used against a violent attacker, not some guy looking to arm wrestle.

In regards to escalating in these tactics after being bitten, poked in the eye, and/or whatever; that doesn't mean the other person would get to retaliate. There is no ref to break up a street fight. A "dirty move" could be all the difference in the world when it comes to fighting.
theres a reason that the early 'vale tudo' (no rules) events didnt turn into a mess of eye gouging and groin shots. and that was both fighters knew that it was unlikely to be the catalyst for a win. they also realised that if they did take it there then they had to expect it in return which is a built in deterrent. occasionally it did go this way but usually as a last resort and rarely with any cumulative success
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