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Default Re: Here goes some original Jeet Kune Do for anybody

JKD is about trying a bunch of stuff, trying to use it in live situations against a resisting opponent, seeing what (perhaps few) techniques work for you and then perfecting them. That ****ing dumb vid is just some stupid flashy choreography. There's NOTHING wrong with JKD and maybe nothing wrong with that guy's gym, but that vid is pure ****. I'm embarrassed that it has the label JKD on it.

As for the "martial art vs sport" thing, do you guys not realize how totally ****ed out that discussion is? Seriously, this is the 1 trillionth time. If you practice praying monkey bird kung fu as alivly as thai boxers and judo guys train, you can make the argument that given equal athletic ability you'll be just as well off if not better (if you must play the "dirty tricks" or "pressure points" card) but if you don't (and be honest, most don't) then you probably won't get the chance to do dirty/spinning anything before you get clocked by a guy who trains realistically. THE END.
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