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Default Re: Randy Couture should fight James Toney in a Boxing Match. Why?

I read this thread and it's an epic fail in reading comprehension.

Popkins What can I say? Word ****ing games seem to be the prevalent theme.

I have been in fight gyms since I was six years old - James23 definition of what defines a MMA fighter is 100% correct. I would disagree about the "even ground" however if you talk the talk you better walk the walk as Toney had to.

The moment a boxer learns one pure vanilla submission or wrestling technique, the moment he learns one pure vanilla Muay Thai technique then he has by generally accepted definition learnt a bit, some, lots or **** mixed martial arts.

Put it in the real world - the moment a boxer talks **** about MMA fighters in a MMA gym then he is expected to jump in and show how superior boxing is. If the boxer won by atomic drop or flying off the top turnbuckle then I have hard ****in time relating that to his boxing skills.

JeanPaulValley - hang your head in shame for even thinking this was a good thread and actually agreeing with Popkins and typing ****.

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