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Default Re: Here goes some original Jeet Kune Do for anybody

Originally Posted by rusty nails View Post
theres a reason that the early 'vale tudo' (no rules) events didnt turn into a mess of eye gouging and groin shots. and that was both fighters knew that it was unlikely to be the catalyst for a win. they also realised that if they did take it there then they had to expect it in return which is a built in deterrent. occasionally it did go this way but usually as a last resort and rarely with any cumulative success
No, they realized that eye gouging and groin shots would not appeal to those that care about their eyes and their testicles. Vale Tudo was a sporting contest that was ultimately trying to prove the best methods of fighting while keeping things civil. You may have a lot of spectators, but how many participants do you think you would have if fighters were leaving the ring blind, needing surgery on their *****, and missing a finger where someone bit it off? It was less mutually assured destruction, more let's not get too ****ing crazy here. We want this to be a recurring thing.

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