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Default Re: Here goes some original Jeet Kune Do for anybody

Originally Posted by Matty lll View Post
Like I said, I like some of the ideas that Bruce has after watching that documentary but the techniques, like most other similar martial arts are nonsense. I mean you don't really need special training to kick someone in the nuts and gouge their eyes do you? Thats why krav maga/MCMAP seems effective, it cuts out the bull**** and is pretty much some judo/BJJ throws and chokes combined with eye gouges and the like.

Proper eye gouges I mean, that eye jab in JKD is ****ing stupid. I mean just look at this...

and although it's not the eye jab ****, if you want a good laugh...

That third one is pure gold
Forget all that ****. I just like the concept of poking someone in the eye. Without even watching those vids, I'm assuming they are showing variations of the finger jab. I've always thought that was a way to jam your finger on your opponent's face when you miss. You don't have to load up when you poke someone in the eye.
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