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Default Re: Here goes some original Jeet Kune Do for anybody

Originally Posted by rusty nails View Post
well that would mean his jiu jitsu won him the fight. take away his jiu jitsu knowledge and hes just a guy looking to bite someone or bend some fingers
So, what's your point? I never said he was going around submitting people by bending their fingers.

Originally Posted by rusty nails View Post
no im acting like a guy that lives in the real world, where there is consequences and repercussions for you actions.
try saying to a judge "oh its cool judge, i only ripped that guys eyes out because he threw a punch at me"
I was discussing a similar subject with an attorney, and it all has to do with timing. If someone attacks you, and you happen to have a baseball bat accessible during this attack, you can hit and kill your attacker and get off on self defense. If someone kicks your ass and walks away, and you pick up a bat and follow and kill your attacker; you will be charged with murder.

So, if someone punches you and walks away; you would get in trouble if you find them and poke them in the eye. If you poke someone that attacked you in the eye, you should be just fine.

Originally Posted by rusty nails View Post
technically your right it COULD be... As in i COULD win lotto..
but its not very likely against someone with legit combat experience
If it isn't likely, then why do so many fighters cower in the cage after an eye gouge or low blow. Some are experienced and looking to take advantage of a point deduction, but some are completely thrown off by what is a foul in a fight with rules.
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