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Default Re: Here goes some original Jeet Kune Do for anybody

Well nobody was terrorizing my nuts when I was a young basically what you are saying is that with JDK developed a 6th sense by taking repeated groin shots on a regular basis, thus enabling them to defend such an attack at a random encounter. That's genius, why didnt I think of that

I know what you mean about the thumb strike when drunk, Ive witnessed it myself. Once my mate was really hammered and he needed to sneeze. And in the split second it took to realise he needed to go, he thought it would be awfully funny if he sneezed greenies on someone else

So in the act of ****ing head head back to let out some quality boogers over the person sat next to him, the person in question put his hand out as he didnt want to be a human kleenex. But of course as the sneezer began to **** his head forward, he caught the thumb of the person who he intended to sneeze on. It was like the opening stanza of O'Hara v Lee, the hand went forward with the reactions of a cat and the precision of inspector Clouseau doing a Three Stooges impression

I laughed all the way to the hospital

I really yearning for Mike W's input...on this topic. He's ESB's foremost eye gouging expert.
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