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Default Re: What is Holmes would have got to 50-0?

Originally Posted by Hookie View Post
Yes, he would have had to win both fights vs. Spinks to reach 50-0.

IMO, the first fight was close and a Holmes victory would not have been seen as a robbery by too many people... but enough to garner a rematch.

I had Holmes winning the rematch 144-141.

Holmes fought well in the rematch. His output was good, his conditioning was good, he fought smart, and stuck to his fight plan. Had he got the win to go along with his good performance, it may have given new life to his career. Maybe he would have been a major force in '86 and '87.

Face it, he was rusty vs. Tyson in '88. Hell, he was better when he fought Holyfield in '92.

How would Holmes have done vs. Witherspoon II or Smith II in '86 or '87? How about Thomas, Tucker, and yes Tyson... had he gotten those 2 wins over M. Spinks?

Holmes vs Witherspoon II 86-87

witherspoon would win if it was on even terms without don king.

Holmes vs Smith II 86-87

holmes would win on points, i dont think he would ko smith at this point, smith had learnt how to spoil very effectivly, and even look good doing it, i loved his fight with tyson.

Holmes vs Thomas 86-87

depends who was sharper, if thomas was back on the drugs and not training at his best holmes would win, but if he was off the drugs and training well, he would win holmes athletic ability had gone by 83/84 imo.

Holmes vs Tucker 86-87

Interesting fight, i think holmes was all wrong for tucker, tucker was a sucker for a good jab, it took his jab away and he was a sitting target, i think it would be a close boring dull UD

Holmes vs Tyson 86-87

tyson would have always beat holmes, his power jab is not a good weapon against tyson, if you use a power jab you have to take a step towards your opponent, and if you miss your one step closer to them, and you will be open on one side, and maybe off balance, i think holmes whole style is wrong for tyson.

I think the most interesting fights for holmes, for me anyway is tubbs and bruno.
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