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Default Re: Ivan Dychko the 21 year old heir to the Klitschko throne?

Originally Posted by Strike View Post
No they didn't. There were just some **** decisions and some poor scoring, as ALWAYS happens in amateur boxing with its **** scoring system.

If Britain had rigged things, they would have chosen Ogogo to take gold over everyone as he is the most marketable with the best story to sell. Moreover, why would we just rig boxing? We had a guy get silver in the gymnastics who scored the same as the gold medal winner, but the other guy was awarded gold.

We had a national star denied gold in the sprint cycling due to a dodgy judge call and so on.

Joshua got a gift against Savon, nobody is denying that, but **** scoring happens and multiple shots in a flurry often only score 1 or 2 points in am boxing, you see it ALL the time.

The other fights were all tight, no out and out robberies, just fights where the home fighter perhaps got a close call that should have gone the other way. Same as how Joshua lost by one point in the world am finals, when he could easily have taken it, but by the same token the other guy could have won it too, it was close. The other guy got the nod as the home town fighter, no robbery, no complaint.

Some act like Cammerelle was robbed. It was close.
I only got to watch the one day of fights, and it wasn't the super-heavies but the heavies, so I am not commenting on Joshua here.

But the decision were so poor, that it almost seemed to me they went in already having decided who was going to win before a punch was thrown.

I am not a conspiracy theorist- I don't think anyone was paid off or anything like that. But there come a point when a distinction has no difference.
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