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Default Re: Top 15 Heavyweights ever?

Originally Posted by TheSouthpaw View Post
1. Ali
2. Louis
3. Frazier
4. Marciano
5. Tyson
6. Foreman
7. Holmes
8. Holyfield
9 Johnson
11. Dempsey
12. Norton
13. Bowe
14. Liston
15. Moorer
I would love to see your criteria?! I am about as big a Frazier fan as there is on these boards and personally rank him in the 6-8 neighborhood....5-12 seems to be his deserving range. I don't see anyway you can place him #3 even if using a H2H scale I would assume Foreman at the least would pass him in that scenerio.

Norton....some might place him the 20-25 range I would go 30 or so, not sure what he did to crack the top 15....

Moorer top 15? he might not even be top 50 IMHO, what factors did you use on considering your placements?

Bowe at 13 seems a might high as well, but I guess that one is a little more defensible???

Moorer & Norton above....Jeffries, Wills, Vitali, Wlad, Schmeling, Patterson, walcott, Charles, Sullivan seem a might hard to digest.

I don't mean to critique as much as what I really was looking for was your criteria for your rankings.
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