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Default Re: Top 15 Heavyweights ever?

Originally Posted by Danmann View Post
To make the millions it bought in and cause it had to be made to unite title, people would not stand for split title then. If Ali loses two in row, he is gone, or at least on shelf, and Frazier would not bring in same amount of money. Frazier winning once was ok, but twice, they would not let it happen. Same with Norton. Norton gets decision he deserves in second fight, Ali is out of picture for a while. A Norton defense does not make some money as Ali does. Norton got robbed as bad as anyone ever got robbed. They ****ed him over twice to keep Ali going.
Have you actually watched the 2nd Frazier and Norton fights Ali won both of those no contest. There was no controversy in either of those fights. Prove me wrong by providing some evidence that the fights were fixed other than Ali would make them more money.
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