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Default Re: Muay Thai: Technique Talk

Originally Posted by Matty lll View Post
I see, interesting stuff Boran.

And I didn't even know they had HW Muay Thai, surely there's not many HW Thais?
Thai HW fighter's rarer than four leaf clovers!

Most of the big names in HW K-1 came out of an MT background, Hoost, Aerts, Hari, Smith, Longinidis. It's very rare a HW has the atheletc ability and coordination with his size to become a fluent MT fighter, so hence the HW MT scene is a full of ugly mismatches with almost novice techniques, however out of all the muck a few quality fighters rise to the top and tend to do very well as in K-1 etc.etc. but the quality pool is and always will reamin small.
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