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Default Re: Doing an interview with Kubrat Pulev. Any advice

1. Any plans on fighting in an American event in the foreseeable future?

2. Do you think Vitali Klitschko will retire, leaving the WBC title up for grabs, after fighting Charr?

3. What's your opinion on Wach getting a title shot with Volo, while you're in a tough eliminator? Any concerns of an upset ()? (Use real ESB emoticon when doing the interview, please)

4. How do you feel Adamek/Walker will play out?

5. Did you work on knocking your opponents' hearts out with a facial jab at any time before the Dimintrenko fight?

6. You know how sometimes you get caught thinking about whether or not you're going to block a straight right or lean away from it? Could you stop doing that before facing Volo? It might help.

7. If you could eat just one former heavyweight champ, while starving in the wilderness of a winter in Bulgaria, why wouldn't it be Buster Douglas? (Make sure to add a "no ****", though one was implied)

8. Why are you wearing a cup? Ha-ha, made you look. But, seriously, why aren't you? What do you mean what do I mean? Who sent you?

9. Are all Albanians as dirty as they say?

10. Are any of your cousins married to any Albanians? Does this concern you or offend your family's honour?

11. Have you ever been propositioned by Jose Sulaiman in any capacity, professionally or "personally"?

12. Did you know Jose Sulaiman is part Albanian and that's why his ****** is dryer than you'd think it would be?
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