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Default Re: Not using hand wraps

At one point in time, I would wrap my hands, put sponges under the wraps (on my right hand) and it would still swell up. The problems with my left hand never got to that point. Those problems occurred because i was not landing my punches properly, for a number of reasons. Once I corrected those issues, my hand problems went away.
I am not advocating not wrapping your hands or avoiding any other type of hand/wrist protection. What I am saying is this...You can wrap the hell out of your and wrists but you need to be able to close your fist tightly, and keep your wrist straight. Wrapping your hands incorrectly will prevent the former, trusting in your wraps to do the latter will hurt you.
Do exercises to strengthen your hands and wrists and forearms. Wrap your hands so that you can close a fist. Modern gloves suck, but that is what there is to work with.
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