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Default Re: The what MMA Fights did you watch today/scorecard Thread

Randy Couture v Pedro Rizzo 1

1st- Randy. bossed the clinch as soon as the round started, ate a few straight left jabs on the way in but that was the only Pedro was able to mounts. Randy got the TD then brutalised Rizzo up against the cage opening a cut on his head with a flurry of elbows.

10-9 Randy

2nd - Pedro drops Couture in the opening exchange with possibly one of the hardest leg kicks Ive ever seen, or heard as the sound echoed around the arena as Randy flopped to his knees. randy tries to go for a leg whilst he's on the mat, but Pedro sprawls and the both hang out on the ground for a while until Pedro decides to stand back up.

Randy attempts two left leg kicks of his own, the lethargy in which they swing forward makes it clear how much damage Pedro did, and Randy shoots in but Pedro lowers his centre of gravity and pushes him back.

Randy presses forward, but eats a jab, another leg kick and a hard upper cut to his chin for his troubles which visibly stuns him as Pedro circles away. Randy attempts to shoot again but has not power in his lead leg to push forward and close the distance. Pedro pushes him back and Couture is prone on his knees on the mat as Pedro steps in with a huge swing with his right hand which misses it's mark by millimetres. Pedro backs away after a brief clinch on the ground

Randy has trouble getting back to his feet at this point, look very tired and almost out on his feet. Pedro now lands leg kicks at will, four or five very heavy shots followed up by combinations of punches and kicks, and knocks Randy down to his knees to close out the round

10-9 Pedro

3rd round Randy opens up off the bell with a straight right, then both men looking bloodied circle for a for the rest of the opening minute. Randy gets an underhook with his left and fires 3 quick uppercuts which all find their mark and shoots for the double as Pedro back up. Rizzo sprawls well and gets back to his feet.

Randy, even though he's on the mat relentlessly presses forward trying to grab a hold of Pedros leg but to no avail as Pedro walks away and Big John orders Randy back to his feet Randy shoots for another failed TD attempt & Rizzo swings a hard kick seemingly aimed for the body whilst Randy is still on his knees, Couture complains and Big John warns Rizzo no kicks to the head.

McCarthy calls time and Randy hobbles over to Dan Henderson in his corner so that the Doctors can see to the blood that is stemming from his nose

Action is restarted on the feet and Randy finally gets the single leg and winds up in Rizzo's guard. Rizzo ties up Randy with double underhooks and wraps his legs round to control his posture and whilst both men are neutralised. They seemingly in tandem take a few very deep breaths Randy works his arms free but is unable to mount a serious offense barring a few punches which dont connect. This turns into a battle of control as Pedro grabs Randys wrists and the only serious offence Randy is able to mount is a half hearted tap to the forehead of Rizzo. But he control the majority of the round

10-9 Randy

4th-Cautios opening 30 seconds from both then Randy steps in with a straight right but eats a heavy left counter. Couture pushes forward tagged Rizzo with another right and initiates the clinch. Randy throws 3 unanswered uppercuts as Rizzo answers with knees. Randy picks up the pace and keeps finding a home for that right hand as Pedro cant pummel out. Clinch is broken and Randy eats two heavy rights as he presses forward for the clinch. Randy keeps pressing forward for the TD but keeps eating heavy punches from Rizzo for his troubles as Pedro backs away. 3 minute mark and Pedro lwg kicks then sprawls against the on coming Couture and the both end up in a familiar position of Randy face down on his knees and Pedro on top. Pedro lands a few light strikes then gets back to his feet. Randy fires a leg kick, Pedro replies with a thud AGAIN Randy eats a punch as he goes for the TD but this time he gets it and lands in Side control. Randy lands a few weak punches and ends up in Rizzos guard when Pedro tries to sweep back to his feet. He lands a few more weak punches to close out the round 10-9 Randy 5th - Rizzo moves forward now but Randy slips his punches well with Rizzo on grazing him with a left. Rizzo throws a leg kick, Randy shoots for unders but Rizzo pushes him off Now it's Randys turn to press forward. He connects with a leg kick, fires a few punches and shoots for a leg as Rizzo backs up. They end up in north south both facing the mat AGAIN as Rizzo sprawls Rizzo gets up and takes the centre of the cage, both are cautions. Randy misses widely with a haymaker right. Rizzo connects with a leg kick. Randy punches and shoots, guess what position they end up in...Rizzo decides to take a breather and throws a few punches which bloody up Randy Back to the feet now, circle for a while, Randy shoots and misses. Both are circling, looking exhausted with a minute left. Pedro connects with a leg kick, Randy presses forward, Rizzo punches and circles away. 30 sec left and Rizzo connects again with a stiff jab as Randy presses forward as Rizzo fresher footwork dictates the range. Rizzo connects with a HEAVY leg kick again and Randy buckles to the mat and finishes the last 5 seconds raining punches at a defenseless Couture 10-9 Rizzo 3-2 to Randy. Pedro won his rounds more clearly and did more damage, but couldnt handle Randy's wrestling when he got him down. Good fight

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