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Default Re: Of the 80's Fab four, Duran, Hearns. Hagler and Leonard..Which is your favorite!?

Originally Posted by Bokaj View Post
Of course it was a risk/reward thing, and I can understand Duran's reasoning. But he did after all duck his mandatory, and that for me must be worse than the meaningless publicity stunt Leonard pulled - a double title nonsense that even he doesn't give two ****s about.
He ducked his mandatory to fight a a tougher opponent on paper. If he ducked McCallum to fight a journeyman I could see your point.

Double title nonsense. I think a fighter winning two titles from two different weights in one fight is more than nonsense. He obviously did give two ****s about it or he wouldn't have asked for the WBC to sanction it.

When you mention the word, "nonsense", you're right. It was nonsense and laughable. Two titles from two different divisions in one fight. Nonsense.

Originally Posted by Bokaj View Post
Personally, I'm not much bothered by either move, but if you're going to give Leonard a hard time for taking out a much bigger opponent under some bogus pretensions, Duran should be judged for ducking a mandatory and for never really clearing up winning a title with a foul.
Who was giving Leonard a hard time for taking out a bigger opponent? Not me. I thought the Lalonde win was a great one and his finishing in that fight is among the best I've seen. It's the reward he got for the win I have a problem with.

Duran should've given Buchanan a rematch. You're right there.
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