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Default Re: George Foreman or Max Schmeling. Which one comes first in your HW list ?

Originally Posted by Vic-JofreBRASIL View Post
Thatīs an interesting question, isnīt it ??

Max beat a young Joe Louis ! IMO the best win at HW, comparison with Foreman beating Frazier.....since Frazier is not as great as Joe and Foreman had some stylistic advantages.......(okay, Foreman beat Frazier twice and this makes it close, perhaps )

Schmeling also has some very good wins on his record, IMO all of them comparable with Foremanīs wins against Norton, or Lyle.....
Is fair to say that in terms of resume Max has the advantage ?

H2H, I think Foreman is better, mainly because of his power and size...Schmeling was more skilled though.
I rate Foreman high also because of his comeback, but I have to say he really didnīt beat no one of notice there (Moore was a good win, obviously)...but then again, he was an old guy at the time so all things considered, it was impressive.

How do you see this comparison guys ??
Tell me your opinion ??
You pretty much nailed it for me Vic...can't add too much to this..Yeah, Foreman takes it, but that first Louis fight it a super plus for Schmeling..
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