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Default Re: Floyd or Duran - Most skilled?

Originally Posted by Bogotazo View Post
Yes, 153 instead of 152, you exposed me, my poor reputation.

I could have said 200lbs and it wouldn't be as big a lie as you saying one of the best fighters off all time had "nothing special" about his skills
You said that Floyd weighs in at 153 on fight night during his fights. I asked you to name those fights and you reluctantly admitted that he never did after failing time after time to change your argument and resorting to calling me names. You also admitted that you were a liar.

I find it funny that in the other thread I had you apologizing to me even though I didn't ask you to, then I ran you out of that thread and now you're trying to come after me on this thread. Seriously dude?

As I said, Duran was obviously a good fighter, but there is nothing special about skill set.
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