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Default Re: How do you rate Hendo's win over Fedor?

Originally Posted by tri-pod View Post
Terrible post.

How many unanswered punches while a guy is on his stomach not moving are acceptable before the ref pulls them off? You had about 3 or 4 there. His body weight dropped him? **** outta here.

I feel like I need to go to the General Forum to take a break from this re****ation.
He took a couple punches and thats it. I have seen fighters take much worse beatings that Herb Dean has alowed to go on.

Many people don't understand that sometimes to get out of hold downs and other situations you have to first relax your body and then explode.

It was to early to say if Fedor was hurt or not and someone with Fedor's toughness should have been given the benefit of the doubt.

If you watch the video closly you will see that Henderson uses his body weight to collapse Fedor to the ground.
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