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Default Re: How do you rate Hendo's win over Fedor?

Originally Posted by Ne5ville14 View Post
The stoppage was 100% legit, he was out, Hendo woke him up....

Now Kitt sorry but one of your premise is BS

Size didn't had anything to do with either Werdum or Silva loss.

He got subbed within 2 min against Werdum, he though he hurt Werdum and got caught in a beautiful arm triangle. He made a big mistake when he got out of the first trianlge, he jumped right into Werdum guard again...he deserved to lose to Werdum, too ****y...

The Silva lost is the worst one IMO because Silva is a ****in can. His chin is soo ****in huge I still can't understand how he could have missed it...Oh yeah, that's right his striking was so ****in sloppy that my dead grand mother could have dodge it. When in the second round Silva timed the wild hook perfectly and took him down he deserved to get beat down like that.

The Hendo loss is the only one were I can say...well, anything can happen in MMA, **** happens. Props to Hendo to knock him out.

The other 2 losses are innacetpable for me and I wished he at least tried to avenge them...but not gonna happen. God killed Fedor. And I don't think Fedor is that past prime, his last fight against Rizzo proved that he is still fast and has precise striking ability. We havn't seen his ground game and TDD in his last 3 fight so...I can't say for his other ability.

And just to be sure...Fedor is my all time favorite fighter, my favorite fight are Fedor VS Big Nog 1 & 3 + Fedor VS CC
Size had nothing to do with the Bigfoot loss? Don't talk massive donkey *******s man.
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