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Default Re: Muay Thai: Technique Talk

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post

What do you think of this? Does he leave out anything important. I would like to know, percentage wise, how much weight goes on each foot. Should it be 50/50, or should it be more like 60% on the rear leg and 40% on the lead leg?
Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
Yep, MT footwork 101 for beginners, I learnt the same way myself. They didn't leave anything out in terms of footwork but they are very basic demos for entry level. What you have to consider is that you don't move around nearly as much as that or in that manner in a real MT fight and once you start introducing more adavanced defensive techniques like to lift your front leg often, teaching the fighter how to defend with arms pushed out against the knee etc etc etc you'll find the weight balance is more 60% to 70% on your backfoot, a tree to give you a solid platform to fight off.

Good examples of basic solid MT footwork which also helps give the novice fighter his first taste his own rythem and tempo.
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