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Default Re: Floyd or Duran - Most skilled?

Originally Posted by Bill Butcher View Post
Thats because you have only been into boxing for a few months likely & only know todays fighters & haven`t took time to watch full fights of past greats, Duran had a record of 71-1 going into the first Leonard fight, he could have retired right there & been a top 15 ATG fighter... he fought on past his prime, losing vs bigger fighters that just happened to be ATGs as well, he also managed to win a 154 & 160 lb title while miles past his best.

If you truly knew about Duran`s history or just how dominant & good he was at his best you`d feel ashamed about the pish you have just typed... Hagler, Hearns, Leonard & even Benitez were all genuine ATG fighters but guess what ?... they rarely if at all make a top 10 ATG p4p list (Leonard makes a few to be fair but misses out on the majority)

Duran makes just about every top 10 list as well as being ranked as the greatest ever 135 lber... why is that ?... use your head, they put him there because his overall career was greater than theirs & he was one of the best ever at his best in his 20s.... he was voted the fighter of the decade in the 70s ahead of Carlos Monzon & Muhammad Ali... floyd wouldn`t even fight the guy who was voted fighter of the decade in his OWN ERA... there is no comparison here, think about it.
I'm willing to bet 90% of the General Forum have never seen a full Duran lightweight bout.
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