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Default Sparring [Video]

Recorded myself sparring for the first time to look for areas to improve on. I'm usually the aggressor and constantly move forward when I spar, but I tend to freeze up and take shots when the other guy presses forward. So today I decided work on a) let the other guy come forward and try to block/counter and b) keep my distance as he comes in. This guy has gotten bloody noses and dropped from body shots when sparring other guys, so he always asks me to go light before we spar. I'm in the black headgear.


Some things I want to work on the next time I spar:
-Don't move straight back. Pivot and punch back instead of just blocking/moving back
-Keep my left hand higher up than where I normally hold it
-Be more aggressive when against the ropes instead of just blocking/ducking
-Be more aggressive when I have him up against the ropes
-Double/triple up the jab
-Try to throw/land more combos
-Throw more body shots
-More feints/head movement/slips/bobbing and weaving

Any other suggestions?
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