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Default Are strikers gaining some ground in the UFC?

A common complaint about MMA is that it's all ex college wrestler types wrestle****ing strikers to death.

But how true is this?

I seems we're in a bit of a resurgence for strikers.

JDS is basically running through the division with boxing, TDD and nothing else.

Jones uses dynamic, unorthodox striking to confuse and intimidate his opponents and make them hesitant.

Machida just demonstrated (again) that pure wrestling won't do **** against somebody who understands distance and range.

Anderson is STILL there on top.

The rematch between Bendo and Edgar was conducted 90% on their feet.

Aldo is developing quite the legacy, based on a lot of exciting striking.

Is this a good age for strikers in the sport?

Even with some of their best weapons taken away by the rules, strikers seem to be holding their own. It seems like at the top level there is now less lay and pray than there used to be, and fewer fighters are terrified to stand with anybody.


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